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Consensus Lab Announces Investment in Crust Network, Polkadot Ecological Project


Crust Network, a distributed cloud project based on Polkadot's parachain, announced the completion of its A round of financing. Investors in this round mainly include Consensus Labs, NGC Ventures, AU21 Capital, Bitscale Capital, Chain Captial, DFG, HashCIB, IOSG, KR1, KNS Group, Lotus Capital, Origin Capital, SNZ, Bisheng Capital, Waterdrop Capital and Taihe Capital, etc., the seed round strategic investor Chengdu Promise Chain Technology continued to invest more.

Crust Network also announced its partners, Bithumb, Darwinia and Maskbook. This round of investment institutions and partners will help Crust Network build a ubiquitous public cloud infrastructure in the future, improve the implementation of core agreements and promote more application projects in the future. Built on Crust Network.

About Crust Network

Crust Network implements an incentive layer protocol for decentralized storage, adapts to multiple storage layer protocols including IPFS, and provides support for multiple storage applications. At the same time, the architecture of Crust Network is also capable of supporting the decentralized computing layer and building a distributed cloud ecosystem.  Currently on linePublic Testnet Maxwell CC2, welcome everyone to join the test experience. Crust Network has successively joined the Substrate Builders Program, Web3.0 Bootcamp, and obtained the Web3 Foundation Grant. As a distributed cloud storage project, Crust Network is more than just cloud storage. The ultimate goal of Crust Network is to establish a ubiquitous public cloud ecosystem.



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